TechNet Subscription

About two years ago, I’ve was wondering about how much it would take to upgrade Windows and get Microsoft Office. Since I have 2 computers that have Windows installed, it would mean I would have to pay for two licenses of Ultimate, which would cost almost $450. There was also the issue of upgrading Microsoft Office, which would cost another $150 to get licenses for all my computers. That means I would have had to pay about $600 to upgrade all my computers to the latest versions. I knew I could not afford that all at once, so I had to held back on those upgrades.

Then Microsoft did something that offered all of the software I want plus more at a price I couldn’t refuse. Microsoft offers a service called TechNet Subscriptions, which offers people access to full versions of their products for a yearly subscription fee. It included access to Windows and Office, plus other products like Windows Server. When I first looked at it, the price for the subscription was $350 for the first year, then $249 to renew. Then Microsoft offered a cheaper option called TechNet Standard, which costs $199 for the first year, then $149 to renew. At that price, it would be cheaper to get the subscription then to buy the software at retail prices.

Once I heard about TechNet Standard, I went for it. I now have access to all the Microsoft products I need, plus I get new products and upgrades to Windows and Office when they come out. If you need a cheaper way to upgrade Microsoft applications for your personal computers, I would strongly recommend getting a TechNet Standard subscription.

Welcome to my Blog

Hello, and welcome to my new blog. I wanted to set up a blog so I could post ramblings when I fell like it. I previously had a blog under, but now I plan to use this domain (, for now on (its Canadian ;) ). It has only been set up for a day now, so expect the site to change, sometimes dramatically, until I feel it’s perfect. If you’re wondering, this site is hosted on a Virtual Public Server (VPS) which is hosted by Linode. I selected them because I heard that their customer service was great. For example, when I needed help and filed a support ticket, their support team responded within a few minutes. There was also a problem with the host my VPS was hosted on that required an emergency reboot, and they notified me about the situation. They also kept me updated about the situation, letting me know there was other problems. Those problems has all since been resolved, and now my VPS is up and running. If you are thinking about having more control than ordinary web hosting, but can’t afford an expensive web server, then VPS is for you. If you are interested, follow this link to look at what they offer. If you decide to order, use this promotional code:┬ác917fa3fe74910bc60ee842b7b0f34f59547a6e8 (the link also contains the code). It will help support this website. So, welcome to my blog, hope you enjoy the content.